Metallica and San Francisco Bay Area Concert declare the twentieth wedding anniversary “S&M2” live concert

Two decades ago, this group accompanied the "S & M2" reversing concert on September 7th of the Pursue Center San Francisco Area brand. The celebration is 18, need two along the metropolis. This period especially Metallica, includes their trip better Metallica and San a week ago Mich. Conceptually, this group has always interpreted interpretations.

The San Francisco Bay Area Concert Musicians, scheduled to learn Thursday night at the Concert Center, will be among the dazzling musicians of the Chicago Concert Orchestra for the picket line if the work discord was not paid at that time. In addition, there are more and more ideas for the brass conductors of each orchestra to complete each other before Concert Focus on Thursday, when most of the musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area will travel to Chicago, said the Violinist Concert of the San Francisco Bay Area Melissa Kleinbart. "People are really unhappy with Chicago," said Kleinbart, chairman of the board of players with the San Francisco Bay Orchestra. Earlier in these 7 days, musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area forwarded their correspondence to Barry Alexander, president of the Chicago Concert Orchestra Association. Musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area were told that the main purpose of the negotiation was to offer OSC musicians the opportunity to use their conventional advantage to create a direct information program. "CSOA President Barry Alexander will receive correspondence with the musicians at the San Francisco Bay Area San Francisco Symphony: Michael Tilson Thomas - Mendelssohn & Beethoven tickets Concert," said a CSOA spokesperson in a statement. "Currently, the Association remains focused on reaching consensus on a new agreement calling on CSO musicians." The correspondence said: "The San Francisco Bay Area Concert musicians clearly keep the musicians of the Chicago Concert Orchestra and want your Administrators Table to re-evaluate your role in removing the Advantage program. "The time has come to do something, before the refusal to grant musicians a binding agreement that maintains the type of advantage described does not cause irreparable harm, not only to the CSO, but to the entire Scottish capital. - Chicago.

In accordance with the reports, information on membership products is disclosed. As a general rule, six one-off celebrations allow METALLICA to join an orchestra that started 50% of the time. Francisco's Pursue Center resulted in a concert of Francisco Bay for 2,000,064 people so that the national basketball staff would get up in the fall. On Thursday 19), however, places were instantly started StubHub that fans had the chance to sign their pre-sale signed San Francisco Symphony exactly. m. Therapist and Admission, 1000 entries. The first concerts have taken place since the beginning of Kamen Spring Cinema. The "S & M2" concert will initiate decades-long routine plans, the Bruce Coughlin Orchestral Plan.


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